Welcome Friend!

Homemaking is a lost art or even an outdated way of life for some, but I believe it is an important part of modern living. It’s not about being a “traditional homemaker” that many people imagine; it’s about creating a home that is comfortable, nurturing, and warm for everyone who lives there. I believe our homes are the source of both physical and emotional nourishment.

Happiness is homemade is my journey to creating a home sweet home. Come along as I learn how to make my space more livable and cozy, explore different ideas for decorating and organizing, discover DIY projects that can be made with minimal supplies, and discuss the emotional aspects of cultivating a safe haven.

Homemaking is a creative endeavor that requires balance, organization, and experimentation. For me, it also means tapping into my feminine energy – the power of creativity, nurture, and grace. It is an opportunity to show love to my family, friends, and self by creating an inviting home filled with warmth and joy.

Welcome to Happiness is Homemade!

– Essie