Morphy Richards Soup Maker And Healthy Soup Recipe Review

I was really excited to try out the Morphy Richards Soup Maker as I love soup and have made it from scratch many times using a pan on the hob. The idea of having a dedicated soup maker appealed to me as it takes away the effort of stirring, checking the temperature, and generally babysitting a pan of bubbling soup!

I was also keen to try out the Morphy Richards Soup Maker as it comes with a recipe book full of healthy soup recipes. I am always looking for new healthy recipe ideas and so this was an added bonus.

So, how did I get on? Well, I have to say that I was really impressed with the Morphy Richards Soup Maker. It is very simple to use – you just add your ingredients, select the desired setting ( there are four – chunky, smooth, puree, and blend ), and away it goes! The Soup Maker automatically heats up the ingredients and then cooks them for the selected time. It then switches itself off and beeps to let you know that it is ready.

The Soup Maker comes with a measuring jug which is really handy for adding the correct amount of water ( you need to add water to the maximum line inside the Soup Maker ). I also found the measuring jug useful for pouring the soup into bowls.

I tried out a few different recipes from the included recipe book and they were all delicious. The recipes are easy to follow and don’t require any difficult or unusual ingredients. My personal favorite was the sweet potato and lentil soup – it was absolutely delicious and so healthy too!

The Morphy Richards Soup Maker is very easy to use. You simply add your ingredients to the blender jug, select the program you want and let it do its thing. In just 21 minutes, you have a delicious, healthy soup that is ready to eat.

I was really impressed with how well the soup maker blended all of the ingredients together. I made a simple carrot and celery soup and all of the vegetables were evenly chopped and blended. There was no need to give the soup a final blend with a hand blender as it was already smooth.

I also tried out the chunky program and this worked well too. The soup was still nicely blended but with a bit more texture. This would be perfect for soups with chunks of vegetables or meat in them.

The Morphy Richards Soup Maker also has a keep warm function which is great if you want to make soup in advance or if you want to keep your soup hot until serving time.

Overall, I think the Morphy Richards Soup Maker is a great kitchen gadget. It is very easy to use and produces delicious, healthy soup in just 21 minutes. If you are looking for an easy way to make homemade soup, I would definitely recommend the Morphy Richards Soup Maker.